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Vertical Farming

Vertical Farms is an utterly fascinating concept.

It is conceptually very, very similar to the self-supporting Superurban pockets (Supurbs) I mentioned to you -my concept would involve basic horticultural practices as part of a wider holistic living area, involving human waste (both biological, and that resulting from general activity) in the renewable nutrient cycle, but I plan an attempt to divert from the general 'apartment block' layout. Even the integrated wind-turbines here are similar to my intended route.

Fundamentally within a given structure, my idea is for a more centralised food production area, staggered to acheive sufficient density but receiving greater natural sunlight (see page of sketched out ideas, more to be scanned). This would figuratively be a hidden valley, with living space comprising the surrounding ring of cliffs (Think scaled up habitat version of the Colosseum). I like the idea of returning to native plants, and looking at the possibilty of nutrition- although crops can be terraced for convenience, and layering as in the vertical farm concept would not be an issue for various species.

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