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Glider Prototype

Proof of concept glider with a 560mm wingspan.

I quickly mocked up the basic layout of the joined-wing configuration I played around with at a young age. The new glider flies well, especially considering the airfoil section is rectangular! Haven't had a chance to fly it outside yet due to 80kmh gusting wind, but it displays good performance inside. The most effective centre of gravity is marked by a cross on the fuselage- it is quite far back, so it should allow more efficient interior packaging, as well as enable a more effective hull design on amphibious versions.

Another thought occured to me while making this. Could a series of full-size aircaft be built that mainly glide to their destination, making use of small electric engines to constantly adjust back to altitude? They would be slow but very efficient, and could even be lifted up to a starting altitude by helium 'tugs', if light enough.

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