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Sustainable design theory manifested in products, infrastructure, and graphic representation. A utopian glimpse of a future New Zealand where environmental considerations are of tantamount importance, and society is designed to accommodate the native ecosystem.

From here....

Further refinement of my plan of action- every time I go out for coffee I add a few more ideas. I have fundamentally decided where I am going, looking at a variety of vehicles at different levels (evolutionary adaptation to environmental niches), the levels of transit infrastructure they operate on (environment itself), the energy infrastructure that provides for both the vehicles, their infrastructure and the city as a whole (food chain, cycle of materials), and how this infrastructure enhances and relates to the natural envrionment, particularly in the inner city.

I have also decided that it would be interesting to look at the idea of forested and naturally enhanced areas as 'transit routes', with a flow of biodiversity through the city relating to the natural environment as it changes- ie. from in-land areas to coastal. This would have to be protected from human activity- hardier birdlife already in the city such as Tui, Kereru etc. would flourish quite happliy, but vulnerable wildlife with particular requirements, especially nocturnal animals such as Kiwi, Ruru etc., would be given sanctuaries and aviaries isolated from already reduced city light and noise pollution. There could also be a chance to engage in rehabilitation of rare and endangered species like Kokako, Takahe, Black Robins etc, as well as other fauna like Tuatara. This would be publically visible, thus enhancing conservation awareness.

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