Future Ecology Designed

Sustainable design theory manifested in products, infrastructure, and graphic representation. A utopian glimpse of a future New Zealand where environmental considerations are of tantamount importance, and society is designed to accommodate the native ecosystem.


We are definitely onto some similar ideas- Here are an initial few pages I scribbled up yesterday. Inherently self-stabilising systems, and the idea of total interrelation seem to be a common thread- I would really like to push the bio-mimicry within this, particularly where evolutionary adaptation is concerned. Darwin first postulated that evolution occured primarily as a reaction to environmental challenges, while some Neo-Darwinian thinkers suggested a further function, direct manipulation of the environment itself to benefit the organism in question. On a different level, a practical application would once again see human infrastructure adapt firstly to the environment- if the state of the biosphere deteriorates further then manipulation of nature will be proven as lessening our chances to survive as a species.

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