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Loremo LS

This is along the lines of what I intend my 4-6 seater to be. Ultra light, compact, devoid of needless accesories or gadgets, excellent aerodynamically, of high build quality and abjectly beautiful.

The base Loremo LS weighs only 450kg, seats 2+2 and cruises at up to 160kph- all while consuming a maximum 1.5l of diesel per 100km. It is powered by a 2 cylinder turbodiesel rated at 15kW. This gives fairly sluggish acceleration, at 20 seconds to 100kph, but the benefits far outweigh anything as crass as straightline speed. It is also worth remembering it is mid-engined, and extremely light, so should handle like a Lotus. Safety meets all European standards. The drag coefficient is very low, at 0.20

A faster GT version will make 100kph in 9 seconds, go on to 220kph and still use only 2.7 litres per 100kph.

This car has enourmous potential, and thankfully the styling lives up to all the promise- sleek, modern, and really very attractive. I really hope it works.

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