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I'm slightly dubious about overtly-automated private vehicles. I would definitely like to see a greater connectedness to the wider transit system for personal transport, so one may see just what an effect this mode has on the movements of the popuation. I also think electronic intervention will be important to assist in enhancing already extant driver abilities, for instance with proximity control, and to actively warn of impending trouble.

However, I think we need to be wary of gimmicky devices that detract from the idea that every unit of effort be as simple as possible for a given operational requirement. Such interventionary measures should be as passive as possible, dealing with prevention many steps ahead rather than flooding the driving experience with information overload. This would mainly involve placing focus on the driving environment outside the car.

I also think that commuter vehicles should be made as spartan as possible, simply because they are so focused. Their very beauty is in the intrinsic simplicity with which they operate- the Fiat 500 will always be an ideally adapted city transportation medium.

Interestingly, this example of built-in resilience might possibly remind you of your childhood, Nilut.

(P.S. X-Ray-ing people via their seats would be excellent for the environment, insofar as it would turn the human population sterile after repeat use....)

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