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Some links [by Nikolai]

Here are some links that have really changed some of my recent thinking....

Vertical gardens. Beautiful. Surely this would work with any undulating impermeable sheet as a base? how about moulding parts of the sheet outwards through the foliage and concealing lamps within?

Paul Gipe interview.

Parlimentary Commission for the Environment on local energy systems: Of particular interest is this report on microgeneration potential in NZ, a parallel to my own literature review. It suggests that standalone small wind is not feasible where grid connection is assured (I postulated comparative costs, but moral superiority). However, the report finds favour in roof-mounted wind turbines of 1 - 1.5kw capacity, as a private relief on grid reliance. Most of my scepticism is founded on the structural stresses applied to buildings as well as inherent site turbulence, while the report cites noise as a primary liability. Some sort of cantilevered pole using the building as support would channel stresses, and I have some ideas for both turbulence (think splitter-plates in front of jet intakes on aircraft- I always knew a childhood obsession with aerodynamics would prove useful) and noise (wait and see, just remember most noise is caused by blade tip turbulence). In any event, if focusing on 1 - 1.5kw turbines, it would be vastly more practical to actually manufacture some sort of working prototype.

Finally, I implore you to purchase a copy of Endgame, by Derrick Jensen. I haven't read enough to write an analysis yet, but first impressions are of a similar approach to my own ranting vis the inherently destructive nature of our current productive-consumptive world order. Review Amazon page with reviews

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