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Thought for Christmas

Rev. Richard Randerson, in the most recent Listener (Dec. 16-22 2006), speaks about a thoughtful, intelligent, and non-literal reading of Genesis 1. Instead of a "pseudo scientific account of how the world came into being", he reads it as an allegorical "message of how we understand the world we live in. And for me, the key thing is that we live with a sense of interdependence. So all the parts of creation -the earth, the sea, the sky, the animals, the plants, the human species, live as a family and with a sense of mutuality and interdependence. The role of the human species is to act as stewards... it leads us to the concept of sustainability."

I think that is a really wonderful statement. It makes me profoundly proud to be an Atheist-Anglican who goes to the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Auckland every Christmas, the church where he is assistant Vicar. I'll think about Maui Dolphins and Kokako next time I listen to Berlioz's L'Adieu des Bergers sung by candlelight.

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