Future Ecology Designed

Sustainable design theory manifested in products, infrastructure, and graphic representation. A utopian glimpse of a future New Zealand where environmental considerations are of tantamount importance, and society is designed to accommodate the native ecosystem.

A quick collection of links

There have been some excellent papers published by the Parlimentary Commissioner for the Environment. 'Future currents sketches two scenarios of New Zealand in 2015, 2030 and 2050 depending on today's energy choices. These scenarios are presented through the eyes of two fictional characters.'

Sustainable Future is an excellent New Zealand-based resource library, covering a wide array of sustainable news and articles. Very concise, and a valuable source of current information, laid out in specific topic areas.

Sustainable Energy Forum has some interesting links and papers, but most valuable are the PDF EnergyWatch magazines.

Transport.Org.NZ is a website dealing with NZ transport futures, mainly through well-chosen links.

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