Future Ecology Designed

Sustainable design theory manifested in products, infrastructure, and graphic representation. A utopian glimpse of a future New Zealand where environmental considerations are of tantamount importance, and society is designed to accommodate the native ecosystem.

We need some sort of working title for this venture. I know you don't want to restrain thinking, but we are getting more specific now- it would be useful to have a point of contact with other parties in terms of collaboration, sponsorship etc. Perhaps 'FEcology Associates' is a bad idea? (Grin).... Just to make up a few cards, letterheads etc.

Furthermore, I will be up on Easter Sunday, can we meet for a working day on Easter Monday (17th of April)? It would be nice to really make some progress. I will be in AKL for a week or so.

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  1. # Anonymous Cornelius

    Absolutly. I have no problem with giving this a name, one reason I took the "Future Ecology", was a little daunting to not have anything to define it by. But yeah, I think were at a point where we can confidently give this a definition. Whatever it may be; I don't think it will effect how we work on it. And I agree we need something more concrete when we want to go out and start talking to people.

    Funnily enough, I talked to Justin about our little venture the other day, and I found myself having to actually summarise our intentions and scope of the project. Still a lot of open questions but It actually realised that it made more sense to myself as I tryed to explain it.

    Soo..name eh..the ultimate in distillation and summaries. I'll try to collect a few..maybe we use this post to add name suggestions as comments.  

  2. # Anonymous Nikolai

    I was thinking __ Associates, or __ Studios etc.

    Archecology was another idea, but I'm worried it might sound a bit gauche.

    Kokako Studios - environmentalist sounding, but also the most 'aesthetic' NZ bird- beautiful, amazing song, mysterious etc. More a sort of word association type name. Might be important to have a specificly local flavour. Still a bit gauche though, although it worked for Weta....  

  3. # Anonymous Nikolai

    More about Kokako, from Kokako Recovery Group

    'Their wings are very small and weak for a bird of their size, kokako are limited to short flights and glides, and prefer to get about by running and jumping through the forest canopy on their long black legs.'

    Could this be a metaphor for urban travel?

    'Kokako song differs somewhat from place to place, and every population has its own unique sound.... Kokako play an important ecological role in the dispersal of large-seeded forest plants.... The nest generally has a twig base, with a woven mix of moss, lichen, rotten wood, filmy ferns, epiphytic orchid, and finally treefern scales forming the bowl.'

    Metaphor for the habitation itself?

    I know I am going out on a fairly obtuse limb, but associations like this can be compelling.  

  4. # Anonymous Nikolai

    And some more, from Pukaha Mt Bruce

    'In Maori myth, it was the kokako that gave Maui water as he fought the sun. The kokako filled its wattles with water and brought it to Maui. His thirst quenched, Maui rewarded the kokako by making its legs long and slender, enabling the bird to bound through the forest with ease in search of food.'

    A metaphor for water conservation?  

  5. # Anonymous Ko Ka Ko....

    Perhaps we could personalise Kokako, by dividing the word into its 3 component syllables, ie. Ko Ka Ko.

    It therefore repeats the Ko sound in Corn, the Ko sound in Nicholas, and further to its Maori origin sounds vaguely Japanese, Finnish, or Italian- great for international pronounciation, while being distinctively indigenous. There is also an essential element of dry humour.

    The graphic possibilities could be fascinating.  

  6. # Anonymous Nikolai

    Although the abbreviation of said name could be problematic.  

  7. # Anonymous Nikolai

    Continuing the syllabic names based on native birdlife. I just like the idea of something simple and direct which is not immediately identifiable as a common conventional word.

    Ko Tu Ku  

  8. # Anonymous Ni. coli

    Urbibana? You know, like ikebana?. Urban-arranging. Hmmmm.

    I still like Kokako, -the word itself is quite pleasant, the associations work, and it looks good written down. I scribbled out some logo ideas, will post later, maybe you could work your typographic magic.  

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